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Overcoming An Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is very common. People of all ages, all ethnicities, and all financial backgrounds are susceptible to the grip of alcohol. Some people start drinking at a very young age because they think it makes them look good while others take on the habit much later in life.

There are many reasons why people turn to alcohol. Some will say it’s an escape from the demands of daily life while others hesitantly admit it’s a way of hiding insecurities. Regardless of the driving factor behind alcoholism, alcohol addiction can be overcome. Leading an alcohol-free life is not easy as it means going against the crowd, coupled with fighting an inner desire to have a drink.

Men and women both are known to have issues with alcohol. Liquor commercials on television may seem quite glamorous and appeal to both men and women. Most people cannot recall a single commercial; however, that truly shows what it’s like during the process of a hang-over.

People get drunk, become ill, and willingly do it all over again. This point is what non-drinkers have a hard time understanding. Non-drinkers find it hard to comprehend why people will willingly become intoxicated, go through personality changes while drunk, and willingly become ill. Non-drinkers cannot understand why drinkers will complain about how sick they felt and yet repeatedly do the same thing.

Overcoming An Alcohol Addiction

In order to overcome alcohol addiction, people need to be honest with themselves. Regardless of how the decision to kick the habit comes to be, serious issues need to be faced. An alcoholic will have to be absolutely committed to becoming and staying sober. It won’t be easy as it is a change in lifestyle. Alcohol is also known to be addictive.

There is fear involved with giving up drinking. People tend to fear they will lose the friends they drink with, have less fun,
and have to address certain issues that are better left ignored. Those issues that are ignored, however, can be some of the main root causes of turning to alcohol to begin with.

People turn to alcohol due to a number of reasons. Some may use it in place of an anti-depressant drug. The anti-depressant effect is used to counteract everyday issues surrounding finances, health, and relationship issues. Alcohol can become a way of alleviating anxiety without a doctor’s prescription; however, this only temporary.

Some of the most socially admired people turn to alcohol because deep down inside they are actually insecure and do not want anyone to know it. Alcohol becomes a sort of camouflage. This is especially true for people who feel they must maintain a certain social reputation due to their career or well-known last name.

The benefits of overcoming an alcohol addiction far outweigh remaining an alcoholic. Not only will money be saved, physical health tends to improve. Weight tends to drop. The liver is no longer as heavily taxed. Questionable social activities tend to normalize.

Overcoming an alcohol addiction can seem scary. It can even seem impossible. This is why it becomes crucial to remove all signs of alcohol, including bar glasses, from homes and offices. In the beginning it will be highly critical to be surrounded by people who are supporting the process. New friends may be made along the way; possibly non-drinkers.

It needs to be pointed out being a severe alcoholic is something different than having a glass of champagne or wine now and then, or even a glass of beer. There is a big difference between having a drink here and there and being so intoxicated it becomes impossible to hold down a job.


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